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Feeling safe is necessary for successful therapy. Covid safety is now part of our commitment to your safety and where people can work online, we are asking them to do so. There are many advantages to online therapy but for some people face to face work is essential for them to feel safe. For example, if they have an abusive partner, or to maintain confidentiality if there is a risk of them being overhead when online. We will assess people's individual needs when they contact us and decide together what will work best for them.

The actions taken within the centre are:

  1. We are cleaning the rooms between each client and allowing space between clients in accord with current guidance.
  2. We are cleaning hard surfaces and the toilet regularly throughout the day.
  3. We are observing social distancing measures and PPE as recommended by the government.
  4. We are washing our hands and using hand sanitiser between clients and as appropriate.
  5. We will inform you if we develop symptoms of Covid 19.
  6. If you are indirectly exposed to Covid 19 through another client developing symptoms, we will contact you to let you know.

We are screening clients to reduce the risks of infection when people come to see us.

While we are asking face to face clients to:

  1. To check their temperature before leaving for the centre.
  2. To arrange an online session instead or reschedule* if:
    1. they or anyone in their household have symptoms associated with Covid 19, such as a high temperature or persistent cough in the seven days before their appointment.
    2. they have been in contact with anyone who has confirmed or suspected Covid in the fourteen days before their appointment.
  3. To arrive on time for their scheduled appointment, we are unable to allow people to wait in the centre for the foreseeable future.
  4. To use the hand sanitiser at the door.
  5. To wear a face mask when inside the building except when undertaking therapy itself where social distancing of 2 meters will be maintained.

 * Where sessions have to be cancelled or rescheduled because of Covid we will not charge a cancellation fee.

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