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Who we are

An Edinburgh-based counselling and psychotherapy service, Counselling Conversations' commitment is contained within the Latin roots of our name. These are ‘to keep company with’ people while they ‘deliberate’ and ‘converse’ about their concerns in order to ‘turn themselves about’.

This reflects the research evidence which is consistent in emphasising that good therapy is based on the relationship that develops between people rather than the therapist’s specific theory or modality. At Counselling Conversations we see each person as being the expert on their own life with the therapist being an expert in conducting Counselling Conversations.

Principal Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Richard Casebow MA.Hons., Dip. PCP Psychotherapy and Counselling, UKCP registered

Richard holds a diploma in PCP Counselling and Psychotherapy and is a member of the Personal Construct Psychology Association of which he has been Treasurer and Company Secretary. He is registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. Richard also teaches the Alexander Technique at the Edinburgh Alexander Centre which he founded in 1994.

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Associate Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Jenny Newland BSc (hons) Psychology., Dip. PCP Psychotherapy and Counselling, UKCP registered


Initially, I studied psychology at university and then became interested in birth issues following the birth of my first child 21 years ago, which lead me to train to be a midwife.

It was within the context of midwifery, that I discovered the ways in which a trusting and a respectful relationship can transform a woman's experience of pregnancy, labour and birth, forming a powerful contribution towards optimum well being of the birthing mother and new baby.

Following other life experiences and the birth of my second child some years later, I found my interests moving more towards the emotional and psychological aspects of birth, children, families and relationships and in this way, found myself coming around in what felt like a full circle, to train in counselling and psychotherapy.  This brought all of my previous experiences and skills together in a new and exciting way.

I was drawn to Personal Construct Psychotherapy (PCP) as as a theoretical approach, I believe it offers clients the same kind of respect for their choices, expertise and knowledge that was already so important to me.

For me, there are no assumptions that the same thing that has helped one person will necessarily help another.  Each person is an individual, bringing their own unique life story. Through listening attentively and accepting without judgement or criticism, I can gain a deep understanding of the person, their experiences and the ways in which they construe and understand their world.  I can then help a them to work towards a their own goals in a way that is truly personal. It is creative and, exciting work which keeps the individual who is seeking help at the centre of everything.


I hold a Diploma in PCP Counselling and Psychotherapy and am a member of the  Personal Construct Psychology Association .

I also work at  Pregnancy and Parents Centre (Edinburgh) and Health In Mind (Edinburgh).

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